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Aqua Solution

The company was originally incorporated as Solution Consultants in 1985 and is the ONLY company in the USA (to our knowledge) that is solely dedicated to manufacturing and selling Laboratory Water Purification Systems.

AQUA SOLUTIONS is dedicated to providing its customers with lab water systems that conveniently, economically, and reliably deliver the highest purity reagent grade water for laboratory applications, on a worldwide basis.
We pride ourselves on our ability to promptly and accurately respond to our customers requests for sales and technical assistance. We stand ready to help you size, design, choose and purchase the AQUA SOLUTIONS Water Purification System that BEST meets your requirements!

The general categories listed for the Laboratory Water Purification System:
-Type I Ultra-Pure 18.2eg
-Type I Ultra-Pure 18.2 Meg RO+DI
-Type II Ultra -Pure > 2Meg
-Type II Ultra - Pure >2Meg RO+DI
-Reverse Osmosis (RO)
-Hydrogen Generator
-Cartridge for Millipore system.
-Cartridge for Barnstead system.


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    • Type I Reagent Grade DI Systems
    • AQUA SOLUTIONS Purification Kits and Replacement Cartridges
    • Type I Ultra-Pure 18.2 meghom-cm RODI Systems
    • Type I DI Systems for use on pre-treated water
    • Type I High Flow/High Capacity (8-12 LPM) Systems
    • Type I Systems for Analytical Applications
    • Type I Systems for Biological Applications
    • Type I Systems for Poor Quality Tap Water
    • Type I Systems for Ultra-Low TOC Analytical Applications
    • Type II High Flow 8-12 LPM
    • Type I Systems for Ultra-Low TOC Biological Applications

Products line:

SIL is committed to providing the finest products for All Lab equipment, supported by expert and highly trained Executives sales and service team.