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Dataapex (Clarity Software)

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Dataapex (Clarity Software)

Since 1991 DataApex develops and manufactures chromatography data stations. The chromatography station consists of genuine hardware & software developed by DataApex and continually tested in selected laboratories.

This information will guide you through graphics and recommendations how to use Clarity Chromatography Software andDataApex’s graphics. Please keep in mind that inserting links to DataApex webpages will increase rating and position inGoogle’s organic search of your and DataApex’s webpages and is mutually beneficial.

Minimal requirements
Here please find listed minimal requirements for our partners’ web presentation about Clarity chromatography Software and DataApex products:
• Clarity software or DataApex logo with a link to https://www.dataapex.com
• Link to Clarity Demo download page: https://www.dataapex.com/product.php?id=clarity-demo.php This link will assure that your customers will always download the latest software version.
You are welcome to enhance your Clarity presentation using our materials. There are plenty documents on our webpages (download center) that you can link.
Graphic resourcesPlease download the following package:http://downloads.dataapex.com/documentation/clarity/other/Dataapex-Clarity-Web-Graphics.zipThe content of the package is structured into following folders:

Complete graphics resources available on DataApex FTP ServerPlease note the complete graphics resources is available after you log-on your account on DataApex FTP Server.

For more information on the software, please do not hesitate to contact : sales@dataapex.com email, we are ready to provide you additional graphicsresources upon request.


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